All About People

Who are we?

Where aviation meets human potential. Being AAP means redefining excellence in the aviation industry by embodying a people-centric approach. 

At AAP Aviation, we specialize in recruitment, total crew management, and operations support, providing a seamless experience for both our clients and their passengers. But beyond the ordinary, we strive to create a lasting impact from a people's perspective.

Embracing the digital-driven era, we understand the values and aspirations of our future generations. With that mindset, we collaborate closely with our flight school Pilot Flight Academy. Designed with the young aviators in mind, we want to foster their passion for flying and equip aspiring pilots with the skills needed to soar to new heights. 

But our commitment doesn't end there. We are also involved in sustainability innovations, an integral part of the aviation industry's future. Through our project for electric regional air mobility, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint making the blue skies “greener”.

Discover limitless possibilities, fueled by our dedication to people, passion, and the planet. Together, let's redefine the future of aviation.



We place great value on safety and minimizing our environmental impact for future generations.

Team builders

Every one of our team members is a vital asset, the team is always stronger than the individual.


It's what keeps us in business! Being friendly is simple to live by, and best of all: It's free!

Always on

We aim to stay ahead of the game by being focused, in control, innovative, and committed.

Our history

After a fantastic career in aviation and achieving his goal as a Captain and Chief Flight Instructor in SAS, Espen Høiby felt the call to look for new horizons – this time on the ground.

Inspired by the achievements of OSM Maritime Group – a leading global provider of Crew Management Services for the maritime and offshore industry – Espen teamed with Bjørn Tore Larsen, OSM Maritime Group’s founder, and founded AAP Aviation.

AAP Aviation entered the market in 2013, with a wish to renew the aviation industry, by introducing a new business model of how to attract, employ, and manage crews as a long-term and responsible employer.

AAP Aviation has in record time grown from zero to over 5000 employees and today we have several regional and international airlines on our customer list.

We have also entered into close cooperation with a number of international organizations and acquired a network of flight schools, to ensure a robust pipeline of future talent.



To be the leading aviation management company on a global scale.

- We shape the future of aviation.


To contribute to the success of our customer.

- It's all about people!


Our services

AAP Aviation is unique – we are the first company to offer total crew management, a full range of services including employment and management of both flight deck and cabin crew. We are responsible for the entire crew management process.

Our services include Crew Management, Recruitment, Training, Planning, and Scheduling.


Our values are the cornerstones in our daily work. Every decision and face-to-face meeting with people around the world should reflect the AAP Aviation values.

Our shared values of responsibility, team orientation, friendliness and always being on serve as ingrained principles that are meant to drive our behavior and signify how we interact with our peers and do business.

This is what defines "the AAP DNA" and professional business culture.



AAP Aviation operates within the aviation industry, which is responsible for up to 3 % of the world’s annual CO2 emissions (2016 figures). Even though AAP Aviation does not have any aircraft operations, this does not free us from the responsibility to contribute to reducing the industry’s strain on the environment.


These are some of the awards we have received in recognition of our efforts towards innovation and sustainability.

BPS Accredited recruitment specialists

Aimed specifically at pilots, a carefully designed ipsative personality test may be administered and in-depth computer-generated feedback given to the selection panel for inclusion in the overall decision as well as providing possible probes for the behavioral interview. The test result document includes a psychological evaluation to assure that only well-balanced individuals are selected.

We have AAP Aviation staff who are British Psychological Society (BPS) approved Ability (aptitude) and Personality Test Users and Administrators. The approval is Europe wide.
All testing and results handling follow ethical guidelines issued by the BPS

Research council of Norway

As part of our innovation mandate and business mantra, we have been awarded a research and development grant from the government of Norway to conceptualize, advance, and deliver a fully-integrated technology platform that will effectively manage all HR related tasks for recruitment and selection and create a high-performing, customizable and scalable structure for high volume talent recruitment activities. The grant was awarded upon a successful review of the potential of the technology to promote innovation for the use of trade and industry, public and private administration, public actors in addition to further use by the national, regional, and global research communities. The scheme also aims to mobilize Norwegian research and innovation projects for the EU research and Innovation Program.

Air Convention Awards

AAP Aviation Academy has received several industry awards in the categories "Pilot training center of the year" in Europe (2018 and 2019) and the award for "Step forward in aviation training" (2019). These awards highlight our commitment to aviation safety, quality and inspiring the next generation of pilots.