Choosing an employer

Why AAP Aviation?

AAP Aviation seeks to create attractive opportunities for our crew and candidates in the aviation industry. Life is dynamic, and we understand that priorities and desires change throughout life. That is why we want to become the most flexible employer, both in terms of professional development and geographical locations.

AAP Aviation recognizes collective bargaining and offers great benefits for our employees. We believe this will assure a balance between the security and lifestyle you are looking for.

Why should I create a candidate profile?

Creating your candidate profile is, and always will be, completely free. Once you are in our global database, we will send you relevant job offers as our partner airlines start recruiting.

We work with multiple airlines

One of the many advantages of joining the AAP Aviation family is that we work with several airlines simultaneously. For our employees, this means we are able to help you adapt your career as your priorities in life change, and we are in a unique position to support and assist you through those changes.

For instance, you might want to relocate to another city or chart out an entirely new course in a different region. As we continue to expand our global reach, these types of transitions will become increasingly flexible – flexible enough to match the lifestyle of the modern flight crew.

We know the recruitment process

Since we are experts in the field of training, recruitment, and crew management, we know what airlines are looking for!

Through our unique and global database, our recruitment teams can easily and quickly match your profile to suitable jobs and contact you directly with job opportunities relevant to you.

Once you have registered your free candidate profile with us you will benefit from many years of knowledge and experience within airline recruitment.

We support you

We may recruit you as a Pilot or Cabin Crew, but we treat you as a person! Our recruitment team will manage your applications from start to finish and offer support in every stage such as interview prep, contract questions, medical, etc. We are here as a support system for you and are cheering you on every step of the way!

By placing the most important resource in the center of our business model, we go from providing airlines with employees to providing our employees with airlines. After all, it’s all about people.

Our vision

We strive to provide our pilots, cabin crew, technicians, and administrators with valuable perks to improve your quality of life. A secure foundation based on industry-leading insurances to cover sickness, loss of license, accidents, and death, as well as solid retirement plans.

AAP Aviation's strategy to make our vision a reality is built on three key principles: No compromise on safety, local presence, and permanent employment for our employees.

Local presence

We are present where our Crew is, and we build strong relationships with unions and councils. One of the pillars of AAP Aviation’s strategy is to be locally present in all its markets. We employ people in all of the countries in which we are present, we are familiar with the local labor market, and have collective agreements on pay and working conditions in a number of countries.

Safety and security

Safety and security are the pinnacles of priorities in the aviation industry. AAP Aviation operates in accordance with international and national regulations. Requirements for our pilots, cabin crew, and technicians are the same as those for staff employed directly by the airlines. 

Permanent employment

We are offering permanent local employment to employees, giving our team members financial security and peace of mind. Crew members who are not actively working for an airline still receive a full salary from AAP Aviation.