AAP Aviation

Our values

Our values are the cornerstones in our daily work. Every decision and in-person meeting with people around the world should reflect our AAP Aviation values.


This is the cornerstone of our values. Most importantly, we are responsible for the safety and health of our people on board and ashore. Safety always comes first. We place great value on environmental responsibility and keeping our planet safe for future generations.

Responsibility also means honesty and trustworthiness. We expect proper conduct from all our people and never accept unethical or questionable business practices. We manage significant assets on behalf of our customers, and we take responsibility for the job being done in a professional, cost-effective manner, safeguarding our customers’ assets and reputations. We also guarantee first-class training for our employees.

Team builders

A key factor for success is motivating people to work together. Each one of our employees is a vital asset. But the team is always stronger than the individual. We do business by building teams. We team up with our customers, suppliers, and partners. We don’t believe in traditional hierarchies where people at the top call all the shots and the rest just follow.

We prefer an open atmosphere of cooperation regardless of position or title. It’s important for us that all staff members feel they belong to a team and do their best to help each other create success. We want our teams to WIN.


A friendly atmosphere makes a huge difference! It makes your co-workers happier. It makes work go easier! It makes the customers more satisfied! It’s what keeps us in business!

And best of all: It is simple to live by and it is free!

Always on!

In a nutshell, this is our way of doing things. Things happen fast in our business and we aim to stay ahead of the game. ALWAYS ON! simply means that we’re focused, in control of every situation, innovative, and totally committed. We like to be on our toes, quick to respond to our customers’ needs and demands, and always on the lookout for new and better solutions.