AAP Aviation


We offer flexible recruitment services for airlines worldwide for pilots, cabin crew, technical and service personnel/ground staff.

Recruitment is one of our core specialized offerings, and AAP Aviation has developed a unique and highly efficient recruitment process by applying best practices and refining our methodology for many years.

We are also able to find the right candidates with unrivaled speed due to our global database of more than 200,000 aviation professionals.

Why we are the best

Recruitment within one company tends to be cyclical. The recruitment team at AAP Aviation, however, is recruiting to our own team and on behalf of our clients several times per year. This has enabled us to take leaps in terms of cost-efficiency and speed, without compromising on quality. 


We have built and invested in our global database since 2015. CrewMatch™ has been developed in-house specifically for recruitment of aviation professionals, tailormade and customized to enable our team to find the perfect candidates every time. 

Screening through technology

Our database enables us to filter the right type of candidates based on multiple criteria, such as type of license, type rating(s), geographical location, and number of hours on type. 

Relevant and qualified candidates

We are able to find the most relevant and qualified candidates through a combination of new candidate inflow and a huge database of existing candidates with a global reach.

The benefits of

recruiting through

AAP Aviation

Strong online presence

We are actively communicating and engaging with aviation professionals around the globe through social media and other digital channels. We can send out job alerts in a matter of minutes to a clearly defined and relevant audience.

Industry-leading selection

When the candidates arrive for selection they will be evaluated by industry professionals with experience from the relevant type of operation and role. Our team has this down to a science, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with the result!

Local expertise

Thanks to our local presence in multiple countries we are experts in local employment law and compliance. It also helps with our onboarding that we know the culture, and can welcome expats to any of our locations around the world.

Partnering with a global leader in aviation recruitment

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