AAP Aviation

Crew Management

Creating value through an innovative approach to complete crew management operations. AAP Aviation is an industry leader in Crew Management Services worldwide, supporting airlines with excellent value-adding solutions throughout the HR value chain.

Scalable solutions for new and established airlines

Our solutions are flexible, scalable, and tailored to your needs. We manage crew for small, medium and large airlines alike - ranging from LCC to Legacy. 

Operational excellence

The combination of our global reach and local knowledge enables us to exponentially improve as the sum of our combined efforts and experience. We have invested in sophisticated HR tools and fine-tuned our processes to provide operational excellence at a reasonable price.

Cost-efficient operation

Managing crew on a global scale provides economies of scale. This ensures that we can provide excellent insurances, payroll services, and optimum crew employment packages - and the best part? We can achieve all of this at a lower premium.

Full regulatory compliance

Regardless if you are scaling up to expand into new markets, or want to lower your cost in the markets you are already in, our intimate knowledge and understanding of regulatory compliance give you the comfort of quality while increasing your margins. 

Labor agreements

We recognize the value of collective bargaining and solid labor agreements (CBA and CLA) to provide our team-members with job security and an opportunity to influence their professional life.