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Pilot Opportunities

AAP Aviation has challenged the status quo in many aspects, but especially when it comes to the pilot employment model. Traditionally, changing your employer has meant "starting from scratch" in terms of seniority. We want to challenge that model!

Our goal is for our pilots to have the flexibility you need to adapt to life's changing circumstances - While being recognized for the valuable experience you have already gained.

What we offer

Below are a few reasons for why you should choose AAP Aviation as your next employer.

Competitive salary

We offer competitive terms for First Officers and Captains in the markets where we operate. 

Loss of license insurance

Losing your ability to work due to medical reasons is something you should always be protected against when you are working for us.

Increased flexibility

Through AAP Aviation you can fly for several operators throughout your career, without having to change your employer.

Global and local HR

We have dedicated HR staff with local expertise and a global network. They will ensure that you are well taken care of. 


AAP Aviation has built and developed technology to improve our efficiency and communicate effectively with our global network of employees.

Ready for the next step?

Create your candidate profile for free today, and you will never miss an opportunity through AAP Aviation. 


“To join a management company who knows how to take care of all employees is very appealing. Offering permanent full-time contact with full support from the first day of training in a professional network and with competitive terms. AAP Aviation is a well-organized employer that cares about people. They listen, always try to fulfill their requirements, and work hard to offer the best job conditions in the market.

The reason why others should apply is to join a well-known crew management company that offers competitive terms in the aviation industry and full support during your career. Once you join you will see the difference!”

Siamak Kamrani
First Officer B737 | Norwegian
Why do airlines

Choose AAP Aviation?

We specialize in training, recruitment, crew management, and planning. Since we deliver these services to several airlines we have been able to evolve and refine our operation to become incredibly efficient.

This is why we are able to offer competitive terms to our pilots, while simultaneously helping our airline partners run a cost-efficient operation. 


“I have always found kindness, availability, and flexibility from AAP Aviation. Today I finally have job stability. It’s a great opportunity to work in a relaxed and professional environment with high standards and performance.”

Andrea Anselmi
First Officer | Norwegian

“AAP Aviation has only gone above and beyond what was offered. With this being my first contract flying experience, I have a favorable outlook on the setup. AAP is an employer that values its people. From day one of communicating with AAP, my perception is a genuine desire to make me feel welcome. Being one of the first American pilots to join Norwegian through AAP, I would like to invite my American colleagues to check it out. Norwegian provides a good product, is well-liked and I am proud to work with them.”

Daniel Horak
B787 Pilot | Norwegian

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will find the most commonly asked questions about being a pilot at AAP Aviation. We also cover what you can expect from our selection process and how you can prepare.


How do I prepare for the pilot selection?

Whether you are a current pilot or applying for one of our new pilot “Ab Initio” programs, there is a series of standards you will need to pass.

Preparing for these is like preparing for any other test; look at the literature on the topics, practice taking similar tests, read up on professional knowledge, etcetera. Remember to practice your English if it is not your native language.

For all categories, we will evaluate:

  • Educational background
  • Work experience
  • Aptitude - Testing your aptitude for the role
  • Personality - Assuring that acceptable personal traits are displayed
  • Medical - You must be able to obtain a class 1 medical certificate
  • Technical - Evaluating technical aptitude for new pilots and technical tests and/or interview for experienced pilots
  • Behavior - Behavioral interviews and group exercises will test motivation and competence level
  • Simulator evaluation
  • English language skills

What can I expect at the pilot selection with AAP Aviation?

After careful screening, you will be invited to a one-day selection program.

The selection comprises of:

  • Welcome briefing
  • Document checks
  • Group exercises
  • Behavioral interview
  • Technical interview
  • Computer-based ability and personality tests
  • Simulator evaluation

All pilots will be given notice of the results as soon as possible after the selection.

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What is a "candidate profile"?

A candidate profile is your profile in AAP Aviation's database. It is (and always will be) free to create a candidate profile and once you have completed your profile you can easily apply for jobs through AAP Aviation. 

You can set up your own preferences and choose if you only want to receive job alerts or if you also want to subscribe to our newsletter.

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I haven't graduated from flight school yet, should I still create a candidate profile?

Absolutely! AAP Aviation aims to be an integrated part of the future of aviation. We will select, educate, and employ the pilots of tomorrow. Once you have graduated you can update your profile easily to receive relevant job posts and never miss an opportunity.

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