AAP Aviation

Aviation Payroll

Payment calculations made easy. At AAP Aviation, we recognize that payroll management in the aviation industry requires precision, speed, and accuracy. That's why we developed PayCalc, our in-house technology that goes beyond traditional payroll solutions.  


But what is PayCalc™?

It's important to note that PayCalc should not be mistaken for a full-fledged payroll system itself. Instead, it is a technology-enabled aviation-specific solution that integrates with your more traditional, general propose, payroll software or payroll provider to facilitate faster, more accurate, and streamlined payroll operations for our clients.  

Our in-house PayCalcsoftware has been used to manage more than 10,000 employees and we have processed over 600,000 payslips across 50 crew bases. More than 40 different CLA’s and T&C’s have been managed through PayCalc.

How does it work?

You know all the factors that turn calculation processes into a long and complicated journey - such as travel expenses, roster patterns, commission, etc? PayCalc’s advanced algorithm automates them, resulting in a smooth implementation and running of payroll.

After having been set up for your specific terms and conditions, PayCalc utilizes client-provided roster data and the labour laws in the country you are operating in, and swiftly performs the necessary calculations, delivering precise pay elements based on the specific parameters for each employee. 

Furthermore, PayCalc enhances accuracy by eliminating human error commonly associated with manual payroll calculations. With its advanced algorithms and specialized aviation expertise, the technology minimizes the risk of mistakes and discrepancies, ensuring that employees receive accurate compensation. 

Our focus on automation and accuracy enables us to handle high volumes of employees, ensuring that the payroll process remains smooth and seamless even for airlines with large workforces.


So, how does our payroll solutions benefit your airline? 

PayCalc acts as a powerful calculation engine that automates and expedites the process of generating accurate numbers to be imported to the pay run. Instead of relying on manual and time-consuming calculations, PayCalc leverages our deep understanding of aviation payroll and complex variables as defined by Collective Labor Agreements and country-specific rules to ensure precise calculations. The solution is perfect for airlines entering new markets, as it enables the client to save time and resources with compliance research and procedures: PayCalc does it for you.   


AAP Aviation has extensive experience with navigating the complexity of different CBA/CLA agreements. Our team consists of payroll, accounting, and HR-professionals with international experience, who will ensure that we are in compliance with the agreements you have in place.


AAP Aviation will explore your needs together with your team, and build a payroll structure adapted to your operation and wishes. Our aviation expertise and global infrastructure enable us to provide optimal guidance every step of the way. Our understanding of the complexity of aviation makes our payroll services the natural choice for startup-airlines and airlines expanding into new markets.

Let’s explore if our payroll services are a good fit for your organization.