Why Cabin Crew plays an important role in operating the flight

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Cabin Crew are a vital part of commercial aviation for a number of reasons. Their role is to provide a high standard of customer care, but equally, they are responsible for ensuring that all the passengers are safe and secure before, during and after a flight.

The general duties of a cabin crew include:

  • Preflight briefings about the flight, passengers and schedule
  • Performing pre-flight checks to ensure that security equipment is working properly and that the plane is stocked with enough food and beverages for the duration of the flight
  • Greeting passengers as they board and directing them to their seats.
  • Making sure that passengers are aware of safety procedures and demonstrating how to use emergency equipment
  • Ensuring hand luggage is securely stowed
  • Making announcements on behalf of the captain, boarding announcements and announcements throughout the flight in several languages
  • Service food and drinks as part of the service on board
  • Performing first aid if necessary
  • Ensuring that passengers follow safety procedures in an emergency
  • Making sure that passengers leave the plane safely
  • Completing flight report after the journey

Cabin crew is the first line of defense inside the aircraft being the ones whose work ensures the safety of all passengers.

When it comes to security, flight attendants or Cabin Crew have to take everything very seriously since they are the responsible for the well-being of the passengers and the fellow crew.

Even though training is different in every airline, flight attendants are usually highly trained in safety and security procedures to guarantee the maximum response in case is needed. The main goal of safety and emergency procedures training is to ensure crew are equipped with the necessary skills to handle any emergency or unusual situation that can occur on board. During training they are taught how to prevent incidents and how to predict potential threats. That is why the Cabin Crew role is an essential role in operating a flight.

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