The perfect application letter

AAP Aviation

Writing a good application letter is key in order to land your dream job as Cabin Crew! With these 4 quick tips you will be able to impress your way in to an interview!

A perfect application letter should have:

  • A personalized greeting
  • A strong opening
  • Tailored and persuasive content
  • Application letter closing

Dear ¨Hiring Manager / Recruiter / Contact person’s name

Your strong opening should contain a self-introduction. Write about who you are, your experience, and why you want to apply for the position

Tailored Content

In this section you should respond directly to the job description. Describe how your previous job experiences, skills and abilities will meet the airline´s needs. You can include the exact words and phrases from the job description as well a bullet list of your accomplishments.

Do some research about the airline and find out what their goals are and how you can contribute to achieving those goals.

Application Letter Closing

Inform the hiring manager/ recruiter/contact person that you would love to come in for an interview and your availability.

Thank them for spending their time reading your application letter.


Your name

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