The benefits of recruiting through AAP Aviation

AAP Aviation

1. It gives your airline a competitive advantage

The aviation talent market is set to be highly competitive for employers as the aviation and airline industry gradually returns to normalcy. Many low-cost carriers around the world have already enhanced their summer scheduled considering many governments easing up travel restrictions from early summer. On the other hand, full-service carriers (led by US majors) have started to call back many of their pilots to meet air traffic demand and a ramp-up in service.

Competition for talent is there and the ability to attract top talent today is perhaps even harder than in a regular market due to the following reasons:

  • Marketplace will in the near-term be ‘flooded’ with applicants which means it becomes much harder and more time consuming to screen through thousands of applications. Outdated processing of applications by using emails with attachments are outdated, and using third-party tools not tailored for the aviation industry gives limited options for segmenting candidates based on relevant experience.
  • Competitors are in the same ‘boat’ seeking to attract the best talent out there, the competition will undoubtedly be fierce to find the best talent. AAP Aviation has a huge database of candidates with more than 160,000 candidates across the globe, this enables us to find the right people for your airline in a fraction of the time.
  • New competition is emerging stronger than before (i.e. business aviation and ACMIs).
  • Increasingly difficult ‘post-pandemic’ T&Cs to battle against competition.
  • By partnering with the world’s pioneer in total crew management and recruitment services, your airline can ‘beat the market’ and access top-quality talent and secure them within your organization.


2. Save money on recruitment without compromising on quality

Recruiting the right talent can save the organization significant money in the mid-to-long term. This is compounded with the post-pandemic aviation employment market whereby the pilot and other aviation skilled professionals will enter a new shortage phase that is deemed more severe and would have a greater impact on the airline’s ability to recruit talent in the longer run.

Working with an experienced, highlight competent aviation requirement experts will enable your organization to unlock the following benefits:

  • Faster recruitment timeframes.
  • Additional level of vetting of your future employees.
  • Reducing the burden of the high-volume screening workload on your HR department.
  • Optimizing your HR department to focus on the on-boarding process and strategic planning.


3. Recruitment is all about the culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. When embarking on a recruitment campaign, many HR organizations fail to understand that to attract top talent, it is far more important to consider the recruitment culture rather than mere strategy.

Leveraging on the strengths of a global recruitment powerhouse, your HR organization can leverage on the vast expertise and ‘on-the-field’ recruitment experience that can be highly instrumental in securing the right talent within the most efficient timeframes.
Recruitment culture pitfalls:

  • Solely leveraging on your airline brand (perception can be deceiving).
  • Reliance on a pull-strategy can be detrimental to secure top-talent.
  • Different regions have different cultures and perceptions of the airline’s brand and on the profession in general. A one-size does not fit all.
  • In some markets, competition may have totally different cultures than yours. Failure to leverage on your unique differences can be costly.


4. Empower your team to stay ahead of the curve

As the airline industry recovers, more is expected from less. With a reduced internal workforce and with a staggering task to rebuild the workforce, it is more important than ever to seek strategic partnerships when it comes to such key and crucial mandate. 

Empower your recruitment team by:

  • Working with top industry professionals
  • Accessing unique global databases of top talent (more than 160,000 candidates globally!)
  • Reducing timeframes from posting-to-filling job openings.
  • Optimizing the existing workload of your internal HR team.
  • Partnering with 100+ years of combined experience from the recruitment departments of leading airlines to yield the best results.

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5. Unleash the unlimited potential of recruitment systems and technology

Your speed and approach to the right candidates are essential in an increasingly technology-reliant employment marketplace. We understand that airlines’ core business is flying people and good safety and efficiently – recruitment may not always be a center in-house competence.
By partnering with a global leader in aviation recruitment, your organization creates the following efficiencies:

  • Leverage on world-class technology tools, designed specifically for aviation recruitment.
  • Build recruitment certainty.
  • Reduce turn-over rates through the recruitment of highly vetted candidates.
  • Access a wider pool of talent.
  • Enhance core focus on internal HR and other operational mandates.
  • Significantly save of recruitment costs.

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