Staying Relevant During Covid-19

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The unprecedented challenges due to the ongoing pandemic have led to a significant decline in revenues. Industries like hospitality, aviation and travel are going through a tough time and Cabin Crew and Pilots are deeply affected.

Luckily there are endless possibilities to stay relevant during this extraordinary situation! Free online courses or volunteering are just some of the great ways to show your future employer that you can adapt quickly, be open minded to change and even positions when needed.

Free Online Courses

There are tons free online courses at your fingertips to help you brush on your acquired skill or learn a new one.

The most well-known online learning site might be Coursera. Coursera is partnered with universities around the world – including Imperial College London and Stanford. It also partners with companies including Google and IBM to offer expertise in specific areas – for example, machine learning.

The provider has made headlines by making its entire catalogue of 3,800 online courses free to universities throughout the global coronavirus outbreak. But Coursera also offers over 1,000 normally free courses across a wide range of subjects. Whether it’s Social Media Marketing, an Introduction to Psychology, or Graphic Design there’s plenty of choice.


Several organizations around the world need our help and support during this difficult time. Find the best suited for you as there are plenty to choose from and help make a change, plus it will be a great addition to your resume.

Consider going to your local library or community center or simple doing a google search with your location and volunteers needed.

Improve Your Skills

There are a few skills you can improve that are more looked at then ever:

Emotional Intelligence

Airlines and companies around the world have started assessing emotional intelligence (EQ) during interviews. It is believed, by experts, that is a critical trait and a key differentiator. The skill determines how to make decisions calmly and deal with tough situations as personal skills have become more pronounced in recent time.

Key features of emotional intelligence include:

  • Self-awareness - recognizing your feelings, behavior, moods, and “hot buttons”
  • Managing your feelings and behaviors
  • Empathy – understanding what others feel

Check out lifeworks three-part series of articles on emotional intelligence at work.


In Charles Darwin’s words, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one that is most adaptable to change”.

Adaptability is an often-used competency but more critical during the pandemic. Airlines have started looking at employees that can adapt quickly, be open minded to change and even positions when needed.

Read more about why adaptability is key to success (Telegraph)


Now more than ever the airlines focus is on Safety and Security even though that has always been their primary responsibility.

Reading and educating yourself on the topic can be a great addition to your interview when the airline business will restart.

There are also many other possibilities for education online. Here are 15 courses that Oxford Home Study provide for free:
  • Business Management
  • Customer Service
  • Construction Management
  • Fashion Design
  • Hotel Management
  • HRM
  • Internet Marketing
  • Management
  • PR
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Starting a Business
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Tourism and Travel


Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is seen as a plus especially in the airline industry where you will travel around the world and interact with colleagues and passenger from all over the globe.

Why not check out Duolingo today and certify your proficiency!

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