Cabin Crew pre-interview tips

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Preparing for an interview is an essential step in getting your dream job. To help you get prepared, we have compiled a list of our all-time best pre-interview tip!

Do your homework about the company and their values

Spend a few hours learning everything you can about the airline from as many resources as you can. Read current news releases, check their official website, and even cabin crew forums. By doing so you´ll get a larger picture about the airline.

Preparing your interview and anticipate the interview questions

Even when you believe you can answer any question in an interview, there is always place for improvement. It’s essential to spend time thinking about what skills you can bring to the table, accomplishments and interview answers that will resonate with the cabin crew position.

Don’t be thrown off by the classic ¨What's you biggest weakness?¨
Think about something that you struggle with but that you are working to improve.

Now its your time to shine by exposing all your skills and personality traits. Interviewers are always looking for a good communicator, sociable and welcoming personality.

Dress for the role


Make sure your outfit is pressed and clean and don´t forget the last touch: Smile!

Get your head in the right mindset

Spend most time before the interview rehearsing your answers and reflecting on your career chronologically. When you know your resume inside out, it’s much easier in coming up with examples.

Remember, that is ok during an interview to ask for a bit of time to gather your thoughts before answering a question.

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