How to Structure your Cabin Crew CV

AAP Aviation

Having your CV stand out from thousands of applications can be hard! Luckily our own recruitment experts have the best tips to having your CV become a great one!

Go the extra mile and include a photo

Don’t include holiday photos or selfies. The photo should be a professional head and shoulders photo of you wearing business attire, about the size of a passport photo.

Remember that airlines are looking for someone who is professional, articulate, and well-presented.

Include concise information

Some airlines require their cabin crew members to be a certain height, if that is the case you can include this information in your resume. Go further by adding relevant information such as any extra languages. Place all the information in an easy-to-find section.

Include a summary

A summary is a concise introduction at the top of your CV, usually around 80 to 120 words in length. This is your chance to tell the recruiter about yourself as a professional and what you can offer as cabin crew member.

Avoid being vague and ensure that your summary is specific to the aviation industry.

Include your Education and Qualifications

Include any qualifications you have achieved, starting with your most recent, along with the dates attended and the college/ university names.
Remember to detail any training you have undertaken that is relevant to the cabin crew role.

Work Experience

Add your work experience starting with your most recent one or current, mentioning the dates and the company and position.
Remember to add a small job description and your responsibilities.
You can go an extra mile and add any outstanding performance during your time in that position.

Add key skills

Add your key skills while staying relevant to the cabin crew member position, you can always use some of the key skills from the job advertisement as long they apply to your professional career and your personality.

Lastly, when submitting your CV check the format that the company advises you to submit it in (Word, PDF) and the size of it and tailor it to fit the requirements.

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