AAP Aviation: announcement of new name and ownership

AAP Aviation

Espen Høiby joins forces with the Adolfsen Group:

AAP Aviation has big ambitions in international aviation

Espen Høiby has acquired Bjørn Tore Larsen’s equity interests in OSM Aviation, a leading provider of recruitment and crew management services to airlines worldwide. The company is changing its name to AAP Aviation Group, and the Adolfsen brothers have become a shareholder alongside Høiby through their company Hospitality Invest.

As a consequence of the change in ownership, Høiby has stepped down from the role of chief operating officer at Norse Atlantic Airways. Larsen and Høiby will however continue their collaboration as owners of the OSM Aviation Academy, which operates pilot schools in Norway, Sweden and the USA.

“I find the thought of once again committing to a company I’ve helped to establish very appealing,” says Høiby. “AAP Aviation has substantial growth opportunities, and I’m pleased that we’ve managed to secure such a sound and reputable player as Hospitality Invest as a shareholder. It has relevant industry experience and is ambitious and innovative.”

More optimism

Høiby and his colleagues in AAP Aviation have registered that optimism is returning to the aviation industry, which was hard-hit by the Covid 19 pandemic.

“Airlines worldwide are now positioning themselves for a gradual rise in activity, and we are increasingly receiving enquiries from companies which want to collaborate with us,” says Høiby.

“That’s undoubtedly because they see our model and solutions as competitive. We have earlier demonstrated that our expertise and services are attractive. We will now build the company further and ensure that our business model becomes an even greater success than before the pandemic.”

He took the initiative to establish OSM Aviation in 2013, and headed this company until joining Norse Atlantic Airways this spring. The company is now continuing as AAP Aviation Group, with some 550 employees and around 10 international airlines as customers.

Good timing

“We think the timing is good now for making a commitment in aviation,” says Kristian Adolfsen at the Adolfsen Group. “Travel activity is rising again, and AAP Aviation is well positioned to participate in the coming growth.

“This industry needs a player which can combine quality with cost-effective solutions. AAP Aviation has a highly competent management and able employees, and we will contribute our knowledge and enthusiasm to develop the company into becoming once again a leading international player.”

Owned by Kristian and Roger Adolfsen, the Adolfsen Group embraces a number of companies in various sectors. It has about 24 000 employees and a turnover of NOK 14 billion in 2020. The business is primarily concentrated in the following sectors:

  • travel and tourism
  • care services
  • staffing and recruitment
  • property

[*Photo from DN (Mikaela Berg)]

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