AAP Aviation

Environmental policy

AAP Aviation operates within the aviation industry, which is responsible for up to 3 % of the world’s annual CO2 emissions (2016 figures). Even though AAP Aviation does not have any aircraft operations, this does not free us from the responsibility to contribute to reducing the industry’s strain on the environment.

What we can do, we must do!

AAP Aviation’s CO2 footprint is mainly produced through our office activities, i.e. consumption of electricity, paper, ink, water. In 2017, an environmental awareness program named "What we can do, we must do" was launched within AAP Aviation. The focal points of this program are summarized here:

Our planet - Everybody's business!

A drive on AAP Aviation’s intranet (“Our Planet is everybody’s Business”) puts emphasis on the environmental responsibilities we have as a company, and provides concrete guidelines for how our team can make a meaningful difference.

Local responsibility

All offices must recycle as much as possible through their local community programs, and always consider if office inventory and technical items can be reused or repaired before investind in new items. All offices must also print with care, considering whether it is necessary to have a given document in hard copy.

Our planet - A finite resource

Our efforts to do what we can places emphasis on the daily awareness of the scarcity of our natural resources and our responsibility and capacity to preserve our planet. Employees are encouraged to think out, design and share environmentally friendly practices and processes with the QA department in order to spread all good and innovative ideas reducing our environmental foot print.  

Environmental program

The implementation of our environmental program in 2017 was just the beginning. Our commitment to minimizing our global footprint will be defined by how successful we are at achieving our environmental Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

These key metrics are clearly defined and must be clearly communicated to our global team. As with any other major endeavor, our goals will need to be calibrated as our understanding deepens and the world evolves.