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Many industries and companies are facing unprecedented challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Ensuring business continuity through a crisis while positioning for the future can be an overwhelming challenge.

AAP Aviation has supported customers and clients through challenging times before and our team of highly experienced and industry specialized consultants are ready and committed to supporting companies through this crisis as well as in the future.



AAP Aviation delivers expertise in the evaluation, analysis, and optimization of each consultancy project. We know where to start digging to discover potential for improvements.


Our consultants have extensive international airline experience covering a broad scope of airline operations.


Our consulting projects are tailored to the unique needs of our clients, adapted to the prevailing situation, and delivered to the exact requirements the situation calls for.


AAP Aviation has worked with several international airlines and has a proven track record of delivering results.

Leverage our expertise

Our consultants have extensive airline and operational experience from both aviation and aligned industries. We have expertise and experience in crisis management, turnaround management, business development, HR, and operational excellence.

HR Crisis Management

We have been through turbulent times before, and we move quickly in times of crisis to support your team with stabilizing your organization, responding to the situation, and accelerating the recovery.

Industrial relations advisory

AAP Aviation is continuously working with multiple unions in several countries. Utilize our high-grade industrial relations skillset to guide you and your team in the right direction from the start.

HR restructuring and optimization

Ensure that your workforce is aligned with the scope and needs of your organization. We understand the obligations, limitations, and considerations to be made during these types of processes.

Digital solutions and IT

We have invested heavily in the research and development of our in-house technology and software solutions. These solutions will give your organization a competitive advantage.

Strategy and operational excellence

Cost containment, operational throughput, and a stable workforce are essential to achieve operational excellence. We will ensure that your management team is equipped to operationalize your business strategy, successfully implement change, and maximize value.

Quality Audits

We can perform quality audits in several categories ranging from aircraft audits to audits of the contracted maintenance organizations.

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