Cabin Crew

Candidate Profile

Creating a Cabin Crew Candidate Profile is a great place to start if you're looking to become a Cabin Crew. By registering a profile we will be able to contact you directly - matching your qualifications and preferences to our exciting job opportunities! In order to create a strong Candidate Profile that shows all of your relevant skills, here are some quick inside tips on what our recruiters are looking for.


While every experience you can add to your resume it is a valuable one, most airlines will look into customer service experience or related experience such as teaching experience, au pair, hospitality, health care, volunteering.


Team player

In order to work efficiently in a team with people from different cultures and in a high-paced environment, you need to be a team player to succeed.


Being a skilled communicator is important in any job, but especially when working in the high-performing culture of an airline. 

Friendly and positive

Your passengers might have a bad day, but your role is to maintain a service-minded attitude, remain friendly and stay positive.


Being a cabin crew member means showing empathy for your passengers and serving them in the best way possible.

Caring and understanding

When you are part of the aviation community, travelling the world does not seem daunting. But you need to understand that your passengers might feel that way.

Professional and responsible

Being punctual, reliable, mature, and flexible are all critical traits to contribute to the success of your team, especially in the aviation industry!